Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Good and the Bad Part V - Offensive Offense?

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. The Islanders have been mostly treading water lately with a 4-4-1 record in their past nine. The next two games will be no picnic in league Juggernaut Ottawa and Round 4 against our neighbors from the West. This weeks Good and the Bad will talk about the Islanders offense, or lack thereof.

1) Offense does not win playoff series, defense and goal tending do and that is what the teams focus should be.
2) The team has been scoring just enough to win games and are in every game. Its just a matter of getting the guys we have to produce a little bit more, and the Islanders will be fine.
3) Even if the team were to acquire another scoring forward, is it going to be enough of a talent to warrant trading some prospects and a high value draft pick to get him?

1) At the end of the day, scoring wins games and the team does not have enough.
2) They are putting to much pressure on DiPietro and the defense to play perfect games which is fine against lesser teams, but to compete with the powers of the league the Islanders need a game breaker.
3) The added pressure on the defense and goal tending will be a cumulative effect as the season goes along, and that will spell doom when the grind of the season starts to wear on them.

Let me know what your opinions are on this subject. We will know more about what the Islanders are about after the Ottawa game. If they go up there and get blown away it does not bode well as another beating from a quality team would have to eat at a teams confidence.



Anonymous said...

from mark i first want to say i really enjoy your site, i check it every day. it's great! I would like you to again take the temperture of islander fan's their opinion on the new jersey's. On the current topic, I feel as I have stated in the past the Islander's should try and sign away, or trade for Eric Nystrom and do the same for Robert Nilsson, a forth line of Sean Bergenheim, Robert Nilsson, and Eric Nystrom in time could be excellent, a young, strong, aggressive line with great speed.

FCT4NYI said...

Thank you so much for reading. It is much appreciated and I always love to hear from other fans of the Islanders. I would love to see Eric Nystrom in an Islander uniform. Im not sure he will ever be a top 6 forward, but through hard work his father turned in a stellar career and I am sure he is capable of the same. I think the ship has sailed on Nilsson and if Snow wanted to get him back he could probably do it cheap as he has been a newar bust in Edmonton. Bergenhiem has a lot of potential and I think he needs more ice time. Unfortunatly he was hurt tonight and I saw him on crutches in the locker room after the game. I will try and find out more information on what happened to him. You got in on the next poll. I will do another one with thoughts on the uniforms.

Again thanks for reading.