Friday, December 21, 2007

What do you want for Christmas? - Poll results.

What I want for Christmas -

1 - Forget the Wii. Forget the iPhone. Forget the GI Joe with the kung-fu grip. I want a sniper. Before you call the local office of Homeland Security, I don't mean the kind that looks through a scope and holds his breath long enough to fire a projectile through a target as small as a pea. I mean the kind of sniper that can propel hockey pucks into a net and make a red light illuminate. Earth calling Garth Snow - We need a sniper. Who it can be? I am not the GM.

2 - An end to the "win one lose two" pattern that has infected the team lately. The team has officially fallen to .500. A loss to Crosby's crew tonight and we are sub .500. Its time to sound the alarm as this season if this trend continues could wind up being what most people predicted it would be. Its time to turn it around and turn it around FAST.

3 - Kyle Okposo. We have heard all of the hype. We have seen that ridiculous goal he scored. Now its time to see what the kid has got. Forget Bridgeport get him a NY jersey.

4 - Marc-Andre Bergeron. I don't care about his defensive lapses. The power play is AWFUL without him. They need his shot and not only the shot but the THREAT of the shot to open up the lanes down low to stop the PK units from dropping into a tight box because they know Satan and Campoli's shots are like pop guns compared to MAB. Oh and what the heck happened to Berard?

5 - Maxim Afinogenov in some kind of pain. Ok... Maybe I dont mean this last one. Maybe.

POLL RESULTS - A reader asked me to poll about the new Islander jerseys to see what the fans thought now that we have had a chance to see them and the results are clear. 33% of the respondents selected the "They still suck" option. 66% claim to have always liked them, or have grown to like them. Not bad. This weeks poll will center on Marc Andre Bergeron and his role with the team if you want to call it that.

Merry Christmas to all.



7th Woman said...

Merry Christmas to you 2!!!

Gary said...

I want the Islanders to get rid of the crappy uniforms and go back to what they should be wearing -THE CLASSICS!
Even the Rangers said-screw the new styles-why cant we?