Monday, January 21, 2008


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Greeting and salutations. I am still reeling from the roller coaster NFC championship game last night. The emotions you have to block out to be a kicker at that level has to be insane. Think about it. You have 65 Humongous guys depending on your scrawny behind to kick as Prince Akeem says "The Giants of New York triumphed over the Packers of Green Bay by kicking an oblong ball of pigskin through a big H." Could you imagine what it would be like sitting in that locker room if the Packers won the game?

Ok enough football. Back to why we are here, Islanders hockey. Alex Tanguay may be available and the Islanders supposedly have been in talks with the Flames. This is a guy that has spent his career out west and despite that fact that burned us when another guy from out west came to play here I say get him. The guy is a play maker and we need offense. Calgary needs to clear room for Phanuef and 2 other free agents to be and Tanguay appears to be the odd man out. Problem... He has a no trade clause. He would have to waive it to come here. Other teams on the hunt for him are Montreal (if he goes this is where I believe he will land) and New Jersey. We need offense and Snow knows it. This would be a good start.

Poll Results. The question this week dealt with where fans believe Kyle Okposo should play this season. This was the closest vote on a poll in a while with 47% of voters saying let him start in Bridgeport and move him in if he shows he is ready. 31% said keep him in Bridgeport no matter what, and 21% said get him on the Islanders now. This is one of the first times I do not agree with the majority. Look at all of the 18-21 year olds making an impact around the league. If this kid is as good as we all think he is, then let him prove it here. The team needs offense and it does not cost anything to get him here unlike it would cost to get Tanguay. The time is now lets see what the kid can do.

Today the Islander will try and bounce back from a blown opportunity Saturday and it will be this blogger's joy to see number 32 back in the lineup. The Islanders have covered for him fairly well and it did not appear to be a problem until Saturday when the team was exposed defensively without him. Welcome back Brendan Witt.

See you at the Coliseum



7th Woman said...

Kyle is a difficult situation. You don't want to ruin him, you don't want to rush him, but you sure as heck want to USE him!

FCT said...

Ruin? I dont think that is possible. Either he can play at this level or he can't. Look at all of the kids around the league... There is no reason he cannot be productive if he has the talent. I think the reason he is not here is his contract. If he plays more than 9 games with the Islanders this year this season counts as the 1st year of his 3 year deal. There is no way the Islanders will allow that to happen. My prediction - we will see K.O. on the ice with the Islanders for game number 74.


Anonymous said...

I agree bring him up ...Toews and Kane who are his age have proven that if you are good enough you will stay up with the big club...I don't think they would pull him out of minn. if they weren't intending on using him with the big team this year it wouldnt make sense otherwise....He is the biggest thing the islanders have had in a long time if he has sucess early watch the isles build behind him and watch the fans rool in to see him ..

Mark said...

I would also bring, Kyle Okposo up, those two losses to Philly and Carolina were terrible. The Islander's let 4 huge points get away. Seeing Kyle Okposo on ice, playing with the the Islander's wearing, a "Classic White Mitchell and Ness jersey" would be "AWESOME". fct, you should push the Islander's to wear those 1980, the Classic whites, the nite they bring back the Teams that won the Stanley cups. Including the pants with the stripes on the sides. The uniform that most people associate with when they think of Long Island and the NY Islander's. In fact they should wear those uniforms for both games that weekend, March 2nd and March 3rd. And see how the NY Islander fans react to those uniforms. The exact Jersey's done by Mitchell and Ness, The "Classic White Ones". Thanks again fct, keep up the great work you do. Mark, Go Islander's!

Anonymous said...

bring kyle up now!!!!!!!!Stop with he is too young ...just bring him up

Anonymous said...

fct is thier talks about trading satan to make room for K.O.??

FCT said...

Satan will not be traded as long as the team is in a playoff race. If I had my guess, Satan will leave via free agency and the team will take the draft pick they get for him OR resign him for 1 year. There are going to be a lot for players avialable this off season and I think the team is looking to make another splash. Two words -


tom94cup said...

please bring up K.O. before it is too late

Anonymous said...

Hossa to ottowa????? why does the senators get the chance to have hossa and the isles don't ...when will they isles go out and get a true stud.....please can they call up K.O.!!!!!!!!