Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hockeybuzz = The Weekly World News?

Dany Heatley is still a member of the Ottawa Senators.

It seems all other business is on hold waiting to see what happens with the talented Left Winger.

According to, the Hockey's equivalent to the Weekly World News, Heatley is going to be involved in a 3 way deal to San Jose then Montreal will be involved and Phil Kessel is somehow involved, Jonathan Cheechoo is involved and a 3 way trade will happen and the Blackhawks and Flames and and and....

You know I cannot keep up with all of Eklund's crap. I think his dog knows just as much as to where the next free agent is going to sign or where the next player that will be traded as he does.

He has had Alex Tanguay signed to about 7 different teams on his website, when everyone in the world knows that Tanguay is most likely waiting out the Heatley shenanigans.

The popularity of amazes me. All it is is a glorified blog that has somehow caught the eye of NHL fans who think Eklund has some sort of inside information.

I do not need to get into specifics. All i need to do it to point to his ridiculous rating system of rumors and state that he has scooped no one nor has he been right on many if any predictions this off season. His "E4" rumor is batting around .089 this season. Not good for a guy who has the sources he says he does.

I am all for capitalism and I am sure Eklund has done very well with his site but I am also for responsibility with your readers. The site is built mostly on the backs of other bloggers who are linked to his site and some of them are very talented writers. If you go to the site for rumors look elsewhere because all you are likely to be is let down on Hockeybuzz.

I really hope there is some real news around hockey soon because it has been a slow month.

The Islanders are making progress towards their lighthouse project and that is great news. Will Charles Wang have his answer before or on his self imposed deadline? That is the single biggest story around the Islanders at the moment.

Once John Tavares takes the ice this all will change but the Lighthouse Project will dominate the news for the Islanders over this coming season and rightfully so. If Wang can get his approval he will have the Islanders a player in the NHL again.

This season's results really don't matter in that regard because no one expects anything out of the Islanders even though I think the team has a a shot to make some noise.

That my friends is an (e3).


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scott said...

What a shame that this Islander team that is so far under the cap can't go out and make this team competitive this year. There are still a few good players out there that will make a difference. You need to put a little talent around the number one pick and the younger players.

I went for the season tickets this year but its tempting to just take my deposit money and get a few individual games. If they start being competitive people will start going back to to the coliseum and it wont remain the mos ilium.