Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NY Islanders: Injuries Taking Toll

Mark Streit, the backbone of the Islanders defense and one of their top point producers is for all intense and purposes out for the season.

Matt Moulsen checked Streit in a scrimmage and put him out for the season as Streit fell awkwardly into the boards separating his shoulder that had to be popped back into place by medical professionals 20 minutes later.

You simply cannot write a worse way to kick off this season. Not much more needs to be said as the Islanders scramble for a way to try to deal with losing their most consistent performer in a season where a lot of people expected the team to take a big step forward.

Injuries have absolutely destroyed whatever hope the Islanders have had to compete over the last few years despite the fact that the team was not very good.

Now that pesky unforeseen factor, the injury, threatens to derail another season before It begins.

Fans at the Blue and Orange scrimmage watched Rick Dipietro play 3 periods in a game setting and look good doing it.

Things look good, hopeful, positive for a change.

Then it happens. The black cloud that has been hanging over the New York Islanders health is still there in full force.

You simply cannot compensate for the loss of a player like Streit to the Islanders. Sure, the team still may improve this season. They still may challenge for that playoff spot.

Unless the unthinkable happens and the Islanders win the Stanley Cup, there will always be that "imagine if we had Streit?" feeling.

Unfortunately the injury bug is not limited to Streit.

Franz Nielson is down with a leg injury and he will miss some time, and Kyle Okposo is also hurting from a shoulder issue and is going to see a shoulder specialist.

As far as Dipetro goes Islander fans will keep their fingers crossed as to how Rick's knees and hips and head respond to the rigors of NHL action.

It would be really easy to chalk this season up as lost and say "well they are still rebuilding."

I am not one of those people.

Injuries are a part of sports. Every team has to deal with them and if they are successful, overcome them.

The Islanders are in a position to overcome the injuries even to Streit because of the added depth at defense. The power play could not be any worse than it was last year and someone is going to have to step up to replace Streits power play presence.

Short of that the defensive aspect of the Islanders game should be largely unaffected or even improved from last year.

Successful teams in this league overcome adversity. Well this year the adversity came very early.

How do you think the injuries will effect the Islanders season?

Leave your comments below.

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