Monday, November 1, 2010

New York Islanders: Which Team is the Real Islanders

Is it the team that gave the best in the NHL fits or is it the team that got blown away in Philadelphia?

Is it the 4-1-2 Islanders in the first 7 games?

Or is it the 0-4 Islanders of the last 4?

Let's take a look at both side of the coin with the first glance at the 0-4 Islanders:

1) True Colors - The Islanders are young and its showing. Experience is something this team does not have short of its Captain and its something that will only be gained through one thing and thats years playing in the NHL.

2) DiPietro a shell of himself - Rick is back and apparently healthy. That's where the positives end. DP is 2-2-2 with an abysmal 3.75 GAA and an even worse .867 save percentage. Those kind of numbers would get most goaltenders drummed out of the NHL.

3) Inconsistency Kills - The first 7 games the Islanders masked their deficiencies with hard work. Without this aspect of their game more results like the 6-1 drubbing by Philadelphia will not be the last time.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is the case that the 4-1-2 Islanders are the real Islanders -

1) DP will even out - Sure Rick's numbers are sub par but as long as he remains healthy he will shake the rust off. Rick has not played with full health in almost 2 years and it will take him some time to get back to any resemblance of his former self.

As long as he remains healthy he will improve. Rick is better than this everyone knows it.

2) Defense still strong despite bad game - The Islanders defense was not good against Philadelphia. Everyone has bad games. The Red Wings have allowed 6 goals in a game from time to time. Against Montreal the Islanders ran into a buzz saw. The Habs are playing excellent hockey right now and all it will take to turn it around is one win.

3) Philly game was not nearly as bad as score indicated - Sergei Bobrovsky had an excellent game for the Flyers or the score would have been a lot closer. The Islanders probably would not have won but he made 3 or 4 saves that easily could have made the TSN highlight reels.

Which Islanders team is the real Islanders team? Leave your comments below.

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