Monday, October 31, 2011

New York Islanders: Winless Streak Must End Now

Five games. It doesn't seem like a lot especially when two of them are 1 point overtime losses.

How Islander fans always know that things can spiral out of control. Of course we know. We're Islander fans are we not?

Last season a promising start was derailed by a horrific win less streak that killed the season before it had the chance to get under way. Will this season be any different?

The Islanders played one of the better games that they have played all season against the San Jose Sharks in defeat Saturday night. The 3-2 overtime loss was amplified by the fact that a mystery call led to the winning goal in overtime as Travis Hamonic was whistled for a delay of the game call when clearly the puck bounced off the glass before it went out of play.

Non of the four officials on the ice seemed to agree and Travis was assessed a 2 minute minor that resulted in the winning power play goal for the Sharks.

There is no question the Islanders are not the same team that went through that horrid win less streak last season. Problem is, Islander fans are concerned. These games are strikingly similar to some of the games during the streak last season. Overtime losses, close one goal defeats, valiant efforts. When does it all end.

It has to end with the Islanders next game against the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night. If there is such a thing as a must win game in November, this is it. The Islanders have to get a win under their belt and it has to be now.

Plug that hole before the erosion of losing spins out of control again. The Islanders and their coached are all saying the right things, they are all doing the right things. Except winning. Winning fixes everything. Get that win and people stop worrying. Lose, and the beat goes on and not in a good way.

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