Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sound the trumpets, play the fanfare, rejoice fans because the Voice of the Islander fans Blog Box will be returning as part of the official Islanders Blog Box again for the coming season! Let the world rejoice!!

OK now that that is out of the way, let's get to some pressing Islanders business, as the business has been slow since the team got the 5th overall pick in this draft. 6 out of the top 10 prospects are defenseman. Let me say this right now - if we choose a defenseman in this draft, This Blog Boxer will be royally annoyed. I want one of two players - either Nikita Filitov or Kyle Beach. Both players have HUGE upsides. Beach has taken a major hit over the last 3 months because it is believed he is a loose cannon. I say a little attitude is what this team needs. A little in your face attitude. Now I can scream and rant and cry all I want about what it is that I want, and its going to get me nothing but upset and a hoarse voice. We need to get behind this and let the team know we need some forwards that not only can help the team in the future but RIGHT NOW!

In other team news Wade Dublewicz will not be returning to the Islanders next season. It was obvious last season that Wade had proven himself at this level and there is nothing more to prove to the Islanders. Any contract offered to him at this point would be nothing more than a backup role to our lifetime goaltender. Any professional in his position would jump at ANY chance to be a number one goaltender and there are a handful of NHL teams that will give him a chance. Look for the Blackhawks, Kings or even Ottawa to give him a shot at winning their number 1 spot. Good luck Wade and who knows, maybe another Islander cast off like Osgood will be competing for a Stanley Cup next season.

Rick Dipetro announced on the Bubba the Love Sponge show yesterday that he had ANOTHER surgery this off season this time to have some damage to his knee repaired. It was minor, but this is the third surgery he has had in the last 2 seasons on top of the concussions. No one will doubt the talent he has but you as an Islander fan HAVE to be concerned about the health of our goaltender. His play is sometimes reckless and opens him up to these types of injuries. He has 13 years left on his contract. How many more games will he miss in that time when we need him to be at his best to compete?

While you are thinking about that let me bid adieu and I will be back to my columns on a regular basis. Please let me know what your opinions are on this matter and lets talk some Islanders Hockey.



Mark said...

Hey FCT, wecome back, on another subject, I came upon a very revealing article, in, sports, Islander's, under the Islander's blog, the article was titled Show of "Lighthouse" support, it's the third article down, starting with the 21st responce, an article written about the Lighthouse Project, that I'm fully in favor of, most of the remaining responces, all 129 of them are responces on the passion that the true NY Islander's fan has for the Islander's treditional uniform. There's really a lot of great responces, FCT, it would really be nice if Garth Snow and Charles Wang would read them. Thanks again FCT, Mark, GO Islander's

7th Woman said...

Welcome back.... I think...But you were right about Dubie, but I think you're going to be wrong about little Nikita. There's not a snowball's chance in Ottawa we'll get him. See ya on the 20th.

FCT said...

Well i didnt say we WOULD get Filitov. I said we SHOULD get Filitov. Just like we SHOULD trade for Evgeni Malkin, Sign Marian Hossa and trade for Ilya Kovalchuk, Ovechkin and Niklas Listrom. I am hearing bad things that Filitov could go as high as number 2. I doubt it... but with how wacky the NHL is you just never know.