Friday, June 20, 2008

The New York Islanders are proud to select with the number 5 pick in the draft........

Draft Day is here and the time for speculation, conjecture and predictions are over. I cannot help but to show my enthusiasm that the Islanders may this once get that player we all seem to think they should. Nikita Filatov, the star Russian winger projected by many to be the Islanders pick in the 5 hole tonight could be an Islander as soon as next season. I am not going to go into why the team should get the kid because there are plenty of sources already around for that. The thing that worries me the most is that around this team the New York Islanders what should happen for the benefit of the team usually doesn't. That highly touted draft pick that goes to someone else or we wind up trading players we have and drafting a new player for the same position, or our top pick has a career ending injury or isn't what the team thought he was.

It seems with sports that its always the thing that isn't rumored, the series of events that nobody saw coming that seems to happen and it happens all the time with big name players as free agents, trades and yes folks at the draft. I can only hope that things for once go as planned in the NHL but seriously when was the last time anything significant surrounding the Islanders went as planned? I don't think I really need to go into details here because anyone taking the time to read this has something in their head that they are laughing or grimacing about just this second. That my friends is what I am worried about. I will go to the Nassau Coliseum and hope to see something go as expected for once.



NYI FAN said...

I'm sick of this BULL SH*T!!!!!

There is a song that Groucho Marx sings in the movie "Duck Soup" when he is sworn in as president called, "Whatever it is, I'm against it". It seems that Garth Snow either has looked at the Central Scouting Draft List & broke into the duly quoted song , or that Mr. Wang has had his entire arm up Garths' butt. It was decided way before this fiasco that there will be no money spent till an agreement on "The Lighthouse"
So, as always, we Islanders Fans will be again known as the worlds most abused Fans!!! Thanks to Steve E. for printing those t-shirts many years ago. Funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The only difference between Spano & Wang is that Wang has real money to spend & Spano had fake money to spend & they both used the Isles Fans for other motives.
Boy, am I glad I am not a season ticket holder tonight!!!
60 bucks a game to watch Sean Bates get hurt again. Mr. Wang, you are not fooling me, you are just playing monopoly here with the Islanders as your smoke screen.

FCT said...

Its true. The fans myself included are not happy at all. This has bad move written all over it and I thought how funny it was when Snow got up there to speak to the hundred or so fans that wer eleft at that point and say that this is the guy they wanted all along. Really... You have the 5th pick, and all along you thought the guy ranked 15th by the CSB was the best player left at that point? One thing, this move was not motivated by cash, rookies cant be paid tha much for 3 years and by then the lighthouse project will be well underway and the Coliseum will be finished.