Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Islanders Tapping new resource for possible players?

It was a banner weekend for me this past weekend getting to go to the Billy Joel concert on Friday and the Great American Bash WWE Event on Sunday. I was not alone at the WWE Event as many of you may know Rick Dipietro was at the event schmoozing with a lot of the WWE Stars. This next story is a work. Whats not known is that GM Garth Snow was looking for new faces for the Islanders organization. The results of his meeting will astound you.

Pictured at right is the newest member of the New York Islanders, Former World Heavyweight Champion John Cena!! From West Newbury, Massachusetts, Cena brings an arrogance and aggressiveness as well as that "do anything to win" mentality that is so lacking up and down the Islanders lineup. It was not immediately know what position Cena will play but in a interview he said this " I am coming to the NHL to do what it is that I do, and that's dominate like only John Cena can." While this may be the first time in a long time an athlete in the NHL referred to himself in the third person, the shot of attitude may be just what the Islanders need headed into this coming season. When approached by GM Garth Snow about his contract demands Cena responded the only way he knows how and that is with a finely tuned chair shot right to the GM's head. When Chris Dey explained to Cena that that type of behaviour is not acceptable in the NHL Cena responded with one of his trademark "FU" wrestling maneuvers driving the unfortunate soul into the concrete back first. When told of the actions of his new superstar player, owner Charles Wang simply smirked and said "The guy's got spirit, and hes a true friend."

Hey at least it would not be boring.


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