Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Thoughts on Free Agency so far...

Just some quick thoughts -

1 - Streit to set the power play straight? Who would have predicted this... the Islanders net themselves arguable the second best defenseman on the free agent market. He can be a liability defensively, but if that is the case we have plenty of defensive defenseman to cover for him.

2 - Avery seeing Stars - So much for the Rangers new messiah. I'm glad hes gone, and all of those Avery jerseys, t shirts are all going to become shoe polish rags now.

3 - Jagr gone? Who are they going to get? I am sure you know who I mean by THEY.. The Rangers are probably scrambling over Hossa shockingly signing with the Red Wings (and for only ONE season?) After paying the highly vanilla and over rated Wade Redden 6.5 million for 6 years if theywant to retain JJ he is going to make them pay, and pay hard too!! I love it when the Rangers spend their money on Canada's over bloated "superstars" - If Redden played his career in the US, he would be considered in the "middle of the road" defense class.

4 - Islanders gaining Weight? Word has it that Guerin is trying to give a big off season assist to the Islanders signing his pal Doug Weight. I think it would be a great move to bridge the gap to when Bailey and Trivino are ready to take over. Weight can dish, we really need someone who can do just that.

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Anonymous said...

Mixed feelings on Doug Weight; we should have signed him seven years ago when he was 'a player.' That said, his play-making ability is something that our youngsters can learn by watching & participating. When he & Tony Amonte came up with the Rangers, (oh, how I hate that word) I thought they were the next coming of Trots & Boss; the way they moved the puck, skated & scored together was nice to watch, too bad the idiots on B-Way didn't feel that way. They were split up & gone before that pair could really do any damage. Sorry for the rant but, in a nutshell, Weight will fill a nice need at center as a playmaker, maybe Trent Hunter will get the puck more with DW out there & that could make him a 30 goal man & THAT IS A GOOD THING!!
-Gary from East Meadow

FCT said...

I have no kixed feelings i dont htink there is a negative to the move. The team isnt going anywhere and everyone knows it. We are building towards the future and Weight is here because he can pass the puck and he is Guerins buddy. He will be a nice bridge to Bailey and Trivino in 2 years