Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fragile Thing Called Life.

Every once in a while we are reminded how fragile it all is. Just like that we can be taken from this world and it does not matter what age, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender you are.

Alexei Cherapanov, NY Rangers prospect and 19 years of age collapsed during a hockey game and passed away. Let me write that one more time. 19 years old. I could go into a rant about the fact that there was a problem with the defibrillator on the ambulance he was placed in. I could go into a rant about the fact that they did not have a defibrillator in the locker room at the trainer's disposal. I could also go into a rant about how a 19 year old kid goes through his entire hockey career probably playing since he was a 6 year old and never gets diagnosed with the problem that eventually took his life playing the sport he loved. I could rant all day and what would it change?

Now its up to the powers that be in the KHL to make sure this kid did not die for no reason. How about putting measures in place to make sure trainers and EMT's have the proper equipment in place to save some one's life when they need it. We are talking about a world class athlete and a child here. We will never know if a defibrillator in the locker room would have saved his life. I do know that if such a device if on hand would have had a good chance to save a 19 year old's life. I also know that one can be purchased for under $1,400.00. Think about that for a minute and then think about it again after the nauseous feeling in your gut creeps in.

We always look for someone to blame in situations like this and in this case the list is rather long. All that can be done is to put measures in place to make sure nothing like this happens again. Let us all hope and pray that the KHL takes those measures so we do not have to experience a loss like this again. Let me rephrase that - Let us all hope and pray that the KHL puts measure in place to make sure families, team mates and friends do not have to lose another kid this way.



steve said...

Hi frank. It's fri. after win at tampa. I guess it's good when the team is trading wins w/ the backup goalie. Do the Isl. play a "relentless chase of the puck at all tiames" type of game? Does that hold up for 82 games? Who is guy Malone on Tampa w/ the banged up face? Looks very tough...

Frank said...

I like the style of play. When you put pressure on the goaltender and defensemen who are handling the puck, you manufacture turnovers. With the Islanders, they will score more goals off of turnovers than they will on the rush because of the lack of pure goal scorers. In the forst 4 games of the season, most of the non power play goals they have scored have been off of turnovers, including last nights winner in Tampa. The team is still learning the system which will open them up to beatings like the one against Buffalo from time to time. Think of them as growing pains. I think they can sustain it long term but they have to perfect and learn the system.

Malone on Tampa is Ryan Malone, who spent his career with the Penguins and signed as a free agent with Tampa in the off season. Hes a Trent Hunter type with better hands scores a lot of his goals by parking himself in front of the net.