Monday, October 27, 2008

Islanders to Introduce 3rd Jersey..... Anyone nervous?

People get so excited about uniform changes. No other team in pro sports has created an uproar with their fan base like our very own New York Islanders. We all gritted out teeth and smiled at those horrendous Islander Logos when they were introduced in 1996. I had less of a problem with the "wave" design than I did that horrendous idea for a logo, which was so bad that before the jersey was even shown to the fans the team was looking for a way to change it. Other teams fans had it to easy on us. Easier than it usually is when half of the fans that show up to Ranger-Islander games are Ranger fans. Easier than it is when people look upon the Nassau Coliseum as a pariah and let us know it.

I always have a bit of trepidation when the Islanders announce a uniform change in any way. I have nightmares of being attacked by a maniac in a slicker with a hockey stick. That wouldn't be so bad if Jennifer Love Hewitt were in the dream also but that is another maniac in a slicker story. This one is much more scary and disturbing. The good news is that the 3rd jersey this time will actually be something that myself and many fans have been clamoring for - a return of the jerseys the team wore in its inaugural season. I am thrilled that this will be the choice of the team for its 3rd jersey and you should be thrilled that the team isn't employing some ridiculous caricature of what an Islander is supposed to be.

I see a parallel here. The 1972-73 Islanders finished with a record of 12-60-6 wearing those jerseys. As it stands right now the team is 2-5. I am not saying the current Islanders could challenge the 1972 team for futility but challenging for last in the league is not out of the question. I have said before that the team needs to go for a total rebuild. Trade veterans while they have value and hand the team to the kids entirely. Our young players need to sink or swim and we are not getting a full look at their potential with Weight, Guerin and Comrie eating up valued minutes.

John Tavares will be the prize of the draft next year. Would finishing last in the league be worth a shot at the next great young player? now I don't want to project that far in the future, and with the luck the Islanders have they probably will get the 2nd overall pick next year. If the perfect storm happens the Islanders will have a shot at the next Sydney Crosby type player. Put that together with the beginning of the renovation of the Coliseum, and you have really got a chance to turn this thing around for good.



Anonymous said...

Watching the Isles-rags game last night, Bobby Ny was 'modeling' the new unis & I must say this is the only bright spot so far this season! I am very surprised though that Mr. Wang did not exploit his outhouse, opps! I mean Lighthouse project on the third jersey.
The game last night shows that Gordons' system is effective, but we have to put the biscuit in the basket or it is just 'offensive defense' & the way our youngins look, it is really offensive!!
Gary from Suffolk

FCT said...

Its true.. The youngsters have been awful.

Matthew Storey said...

I'm with Ted Nolan, you don't 'rebuild' by throwing away season after season after season...this is a franchise that has done Z-E-R-O in FIFTEEN years and now asks us to watch the most dreadful product I have ever seen on the ice and I am an original Islander fan who SAW that '72-'73 team play. In this NYC market, you have to have name players and some semblance of success - you will never see New Yorkers celebrating and WAITING for a team like Ranger fans did (54 years) or Red Sox Fans (86 years).

Win or fold the franchise, at least then we would not have to go through the shame and ruined evening that we just endured with the pathetic 3rd period surrender to the Canadiens tonight in front of a mostly Montreal audience (hundreds of miles and another country away, here to humiliate and piss on the Islanders and able to do so in grand style...).

Garth Snow is a LOSER and so is Scott Gordon, neither guy would have been employed by any other franchise in hockey, and Ricky? Here's a guy who won't make it to the '10 years left on his contract' moment before he retires....and Luongo will STILL be a dominant goaltender when that occurs.

I LOVE the 3rd Jersey, because it reminds me of the days when Torrey and Arbour were here and the kids they brought in were the kind that made it INSTANTLY apparent they were serious studs.

This is New York, if you can't win NOW - you don't have any business being IN business.

The world's most disgusted fan, who will almost certainly spend the first winter of my life (lockouts not included) without any Hockey, since the loss the Islanders endured tonight has ALREADY sealed their fate and shown the lack of career capability they feature in their kids.

Disgraceful doesn't BEGIN to cover this. And getting the first pick in the draft is something to be ASHAMED of, not to look forward to.


FCT said...

Agreed on everything you said. Except for one thing. Having the number one overall pick may be something to be ashamed of - but it especially this season has the ability to launch a organization to prominence and the winning we all want so badly.

7th Woman said...

Snow knows more than you realize. Just give him time. And if you don't want to be patient, perhaps you should change the channel.

FCT said...

Ahh the position of the apologist.. wait.. give him time.. wait some more.. take it on the chin...

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