Monday, June 22, 2009

The 2009 NHL Draft - Predictions.

I have had many fans ask me what the Islanders are going to do, thinking that us blog boxers may have an iota more inside information than the general public.

If we do have more information that the general public, it is just that - an iota.

That iota tells me that the Islanders will walk to the podium on Friday night and do the only thing they should and draft John Tavares with the first overall pick.

We have gone through all the reasons why it should be JT so lets direct our focus elsewhere.

The Islanders have another pick in the first round and its a bit better than where it should be because of the meltdown of the San Jose Sharks in the first round of this years playoffs.

Pick No 26 in the first round will in all likely hood be traded up with one of the Islanders 2 second round picks to try and gain a better position to draft a defenseman that Snow and Company has their eye on.

It would be an absolute dream scenario if Snow managed to net himself Chicago Steel Defenseman John Moore. His stock has rocketed him into the top 10 in some mock drafts, so that seems unlikely unless Snow wants to part with something more enticing to anyone drafting in the 10-15 position.

We can count out Winsor Defenseman Ryan Ellis, as he is not getting past the Edmonton Oilers.

One possibility may be Drummondville defenseman Dmitri Kulikov. He may be a bit of a project but he has already spent one year getting used to the North American game. He may again rise to far for the Islanders to reach.

Past the top 5-7 players, the draft rankings are all over the place so where players like this get drafted is anyones guess.

If I were asked who I would like to see the Islanders come away with on draft day?

I think its obvious that myself and probably 95% of Islanders fans want John Tavares to be pulling the Orange and Blue over his head this Friday.

16,000 tickets have been claimed for the draft party this year. 16,000. Even if half of the people who have tickets show up, thats 8,000 fans there. A large percentage of those people will leave Nassau Coliseum Friday Night swearing off this team if Snow doesn't pick Tavares.

On to the less obvious choices, I would love to see the Islanders come away with one of 5 players with their "other" first round pick. They are - John Moore, Dmitri Kulikov, Zack Kassian, Simon Despres or Carter Ashton.

Its going to be a fun night, but if Tavares is an Islander, it will be a VERY fun night.



Anonymous said...

You better be right about JT or I am turning in my stripes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok my draft party tickets are here in my hands 6 pm i will be sitting in my seat eating a hot dog and drinking a beer ...hopefully I wont throw it up inside of two hours after I see Stupid Bettman come to the podieum and say we have a trade with toronto for the number one pick the islanders will get Blake and Kaberle.....then i will vomit throw my islander jersey on the floor and leave never to return to the NVMC

Anonymous said...

I am so scared about Friday....not excited ....SCARED!!!!

FCT said...

I kno I had better be right. The Islanders have distributed over 18 thousand tickets for the draft party. You have got to figure that at least 80 percent of those with tickets will show.

Snow better do it. Its the right move and ANYONE can see it.


Anonymous said...

If snow doesnt pick Tavares they will be forced to build a new arena because that place is coming DOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

After the first pick i would not mind if Oliver Ekman-Larson landed in our lap at 26 lets just hope that Snow doesnt grab a goalie after JT i say all defence remember mike green was a second round pick


Anonymous said...


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