Monday, October 15, 2007

5 Things that Bug Me.

I always thought it may be fun to address some of the things that annoy, irritate, disgust, and basically just stick in your craw as a hockey fan. So here they are in all of their glory. I will update this from time to time with more things that bug me, as I am sure more will pop up. Hey its a long season. So here it goes.

1) Islanders Offense. We had to figure that at some point this season someone some where would start complaining about the lack of offense this team has. Those concerns started around July 1, 2007. Something must have happened that day but I can't remember what. The last 4games the Islanders have scored 1 whole 5 on 5 goal. That is a problem and it bugs me.

2) Mats Sundin. I don't have a problem with the man personally but that smile that I see every time the Leafs score a goal.. THAT bugs me.

3) Fans of other teams (Hello Islander and Ranger fans.. Met and Yankee fans) that comb other teams message boards looking for a grade school argument with all the intelligence of a dog sniffing his own rear end. If you have something to contribute to a discussion then great by all means post away.

4) Goalie issues - Can we please find some equipment in actual human sizes? Can we please eliminate the asinine trapezoid?

5) Reebok Edge Jerseys. I like the Islander design, let me 1st say that. What I don't like is a league with so many problems taking the perspective from where it should be (finding new viewers, marketing its superstars) and placing it on the back of a ridiculously over hyped and unnecessary uniform system.

That's my five. What are some of the things that are bugging you? Please post your thoughts.


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Uncle Jr. said...

my 5 in no particular order
1)cycling in the offensive zone - it may work but for the fan watching at home - BORING
2)Anything Sean Avery - Grow up already !!
3) The orange on the Isles new jersey sleeves. It would have been much nicer w/o the orange.
4)The Potvin s*cks chant - enough already, the guy is in the Hall and has 4 cups - get over it !
5)Shawn Bates' groin injury