Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Thoughts this Week.

Hello Fans. I present you with 5 Random thoughts on the season so far.

#1 - This week is nearly empty hockey Islander wise due to a quirk in the NHL scheduling. for the 1st time in a long time, the Islander have one game this week. Just reinforces the notion that the Islanders are overlooked by the powers that be in the NHL. This void will have to be filled with games on back to back nights in different cities more than once, like when the Islanders has to fly out of NVMC and did or did not show up in Toronto the next night.

#2 - Its VERY Early in the hockey season. Having said that I can say I am looking forward to journalist after journalist (Can you hear me Adam Proteau?) Printing their long and well thought out apologies to Charles Wang, Garth Snow, Ted Nolan, the Islander fans, The Islander players, and maybe a few of the peanut vendors at the Coliseum. The Team has continued its strong play now with a record of 5-3, and only played poorly in one out of 8 games, the aforementioned rear end of a two night two city back to back after a hard fought Ranger game. Hopefully the Islanders can continue to make fools out of Hockey writers and serve them up a huge plate of craw to eat come this April. If the Islanders are fortunate enough to make the playoffs this year then I look forward to reading about how Adam Proteau is going to lobby the NHL to change the name of the Jack Adams trophy to the Ted Nolan trophy as he suggested.

#3 - Empty Seats bug me. They always have and they always do. I know the ticket prices are to high. I know the team hasn't been very good. I know they have made bonehead moves that would make Don Maloney blush. All this being said, there is no excuse for the place not to be sold out on Saturday nights and for all Ranger and Pittsburgh games. That's all I have to say about that. I will predict that if this team continues to do what it has been doing then allow me to channel James Earl Jones - "People will come Ray... people will most definitely come!!"

#4 - Are you worried about Wade? At some point Dublewicz is going to get some more work. Should we be expecting another back of the neck sunburn? I can answer this one. This guy stood tall (no pun intended) last season and won game sunder the most pressure he had ever faced at the time. He will be fine, at least I think he will.

#5 - Is there any person who watched the Islanders 5-2 victory over the Caps that actually thought they were going to uphold the Fedotenko goal? Its like knowing the other guy has a flush against your straight. You lose every time.

Let me hear some of your "Random Thoughts" or what you think of mine!! See you at NVMC on Saturday.


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murph said...

I'm a little worried about Doobie because of the playing time he will not be getting. Last year he was playing close to every game for Bridgeport and I think that helped his performance. It will be a big challenge for him to ride the pine and bring his A-game 1x every 2 weeks or so.