Saturday, October 6, 2007

Is this a mirage?

My fellow Islander fans!! I have just returned from a rocking NVMC. I sat there in section 214 watching this team. They have that familiar crest on we all know, the NY with the stick over an orange image of the unique suburb we all live in known as Long Island. Something is not right though... they play together, they hit, the don't stop skating, they don't take a shift off, they don't back down when challenged, they stick up for each other, the top center plays with an edge, there is no selfish goal scorer hogging the puck... Oh and that top line they put together has 16 points in two games all against a very good team in the Buffalo Sabres. Sixteen Points in two games. If this team plays this way night in and night out they will be in every game and if DiPietro continues to improve they will win a good amount of them and Garth Snow and Ted Nolan will win awards for what they have done here. Granted this is all very early but the only thing we have to judge this team on are the two games they have played and this judge likes what he sees.

Let me know what you think? Is this what we can expect all season or is this a mirage?



Uncle Jr. said...

Wow, as a longtime Islander fan (1978-present) I had to pinch myself tonight at around 9:30. Did I really just witness two amazing wins by the Isles? The team everyone has written off already before the puck was even dropped? You could see these guys are playing with a purpose. Bravo Ted and Garth, i know its early but something tells me this is the kind of effort we will be seeing night in and night out and I couldnt be happier. (Didnt know Comrie was so gritty)

Anonymous said...

I am a fan from the first year and I too was very pleased with what I saw these last two games but let's all remember it was just that - two games. There are 80 more and how this team is going to show up night-in, night-out remains to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rain on the parade I just don't want us to build up to a great disappointment.
Nolan and Snow do deserve kudos for the team they've put together and the effort that team has displayed so far. Keep it up boys! GO ISLES!!!!