Monday, February 18, 2008


This is not something I usually do but given the circumstances I feel compelled to post during the game. This is arguably the worst played game I have seen the Islanders play in some time. They currently have 9 shots on goal, have taken 9 penalties.... well thats funny because Andy Hilbert just scored making it 2-1. Why dont I just wait until the game is over before I skewer the team.


Well.... what do you know. From dispair comes triumph. It took me so long to come back because I just finished up the humongous plate of craw the Islanders just served me up. After Joe Thornton's goal I was going to come on here and just hammer the team for its effort in another must win game. 9 Shots? I lost count of the amount of times the team was short handed. They had none of that jump.. that first step to the puck quickness. Then Nabokov's mask broke and they brought in some fresh cut newbie from some minor league team to play goal. He faced ONE shot which further raised my frustration level. Instead of the Spongebob Squarepants theme they were playing for Kids Day II, they should have been playing The "Go To Sleep" Melody. Then... Andy Hilbert scored. Ahh.. So what right? They will lose 3-1. Then Mike Comrie makes Murray look like a total buffoon and ties the score with a move that SHOULD earn him a special gift from Hillary Duff and wind up on ESPN... or TSN if you will. Then the unthinkable happened... something that is a sure sign of the apocalypse.... Freddy Meyer scored the game winning goal with a brilliant shot to the far post beating Nabokov. Yes I will type it again. FREDDY MEYER scored a non empty net goal. FREDDY MEYER was the FIRST STAR of the game and the Islanders are now within 1 point of the Ottawa meat grinder of 8th, and within 4 points of our brethren from across the river for the coveted 6th spot that will face the beleagured Southeast division champion. We all saw how well that worked out for our brethren from across the river that shall remain nameless last season and could help us win a playoff series for the forst time in.. what 53 years? (SARCASM!!!)

Now is not the time for pats on the back or congratulations. I dont want to seem like a wet blanket because I will be rooting for the team as hard as anyone. They HAVE to beat the Capitals AND the Lightning next to maintain the hot streak into Jersey this Saturday to stay out ofthe "seller" bin one week from tomorrow. 22 games to go, and the team has fought back into the race. They had to win to get there, and they have to win to stay there.



Anonymous said...

ordnjI must say I'm extremly excited about the last four wins, they have been tremendous. With that said, and I hope they keep winning, with the exception of including Kyle Okposo in any package, they need to keep him on the team. The NY Islander's "NEED TO GET HOSSA". He,is the Super Star the NY Islander's need. PS fct, keep pushing for the 1980 Classic White uniform, to be next years third uniform, not jersey but entire uniform. Thanks Mark, Go Islander's

FCT said...

I will because it is something I would love to see. It was great to see them bring back those unis for Bob Bourne night. I also agree about Hossa, but trading for him is not an option. If he goes UFA, hes going to get 8 mil per and I cannet see him giving up that chance to let teams fall all over themselves to get him unless he really wants to stay in Atlanta. For the Islanders to get him (they have the cap room) they will have to offer 6-8 years at somewhere around 46-56 million. Then the question is is this the guy you want to build around? Is this the guy that can take you to the next level? Hossa is a great player, but I dont see him as that type of guy. He has been fragile in the past. Think Ziggy Palffy. Talented as all hell but just waiting for the next injury. At this point in the season the team can no longer consider trading all vets... unless they blow the next two games tonight and tomorrow. Also keep in mind that the team is going to have to sign multiple free agents agin this off season if they cannot or do not resign Comrie, Vasicek, Bergeron, Berard, Satan, Fedotenko, and Trent Hunter.


Anonymous said...

FCT dare you make fun of Hossa he is a premier player ..anyone would be crazy to trade him ..if the islanders have a chance to sign him in the off season they should end of story!!!

Anonymous said...

As a fan it saddens me to see snow's comments on would he not trade all his UFA's right now for picks is clear that no matter what the team is doing now it is not in the position to win the cup..and winning the cup should be paramount not just simply being satisfied at making the play-offs and then loosing in the first round ..saying thing like if the refs didnt screw us or if this or that happend we would have won.....could this team make the play offs?? yes ..but will they win 16 games in the play -offs..the answer is clearly NO!!! again making the play-offs is great i was there at the sabers game i saw the colliseum rise to its feet when they scored thier first goal it was great ...but a week later it was all over down a first rounder the season was over and so was Ryan here we are again at the same cross roads wich way will garth choose ...Choosing nothing and loosing thaose ufa's at the end of the year is wrong can get picks to help for years to come in a deep draft this year..The draft will only be better next year when the best play since crosby gets drafted in Tavarez.....imagine if the isles bite the bullet the next two years and ..(YES BUILD WITH A YOUTH MOVEMENT!! something snow doesnt want to do )...get Stamkosand Tavarez WOW!! wouldnt that be sweet!!!pipe dream i know but if they play thier cards right they may have a shot at atleast one of those highly coveted prospects