Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Islanders passed test number 1 of the 7 Game, 2 week section of the schedule that will determine wether they blow up the roster and start anew, or bolster the lineup in preparation for a serious run at the playoffs. the Islanders beat the Flyers 4-3, however myself and my Blog Box brethren seemed more shocked the team managed to score 4 goals than win the game. Next are the Toronto Maple Leafs up in Toronto. The team has traditionally gone up there and run out fo the building by the Leafs. All of that means nothing at this point but it bears mentioning. 2 Points is the only acceptible outcome for this game. nothing more needs to be said other than I hope to see #55 on the receiving end of an Andy Sutton crushing body check. (Thats for you D). Ill take the win forst, and the check second. Lets look ahead - We have Toronto tonight, Atlanta Saturday then on to San Jose, Washington, Tampa and Jersey. At the end of this stretch we will know what the rest of the season will hold. 6 Games and I would not be over stating that the Islanders need 10 points out of 12 to make it interesting.

Side note - Very classy move by the team that made an announcement that fans in the 300 section can move down to an open seat. I have been to a LOT of games when the stands have been half empty, and the first time I recall seeing a pro team make this announcement. The only shame of it is that they can actually offer this. Id much rather have the stands full, but thats another argument.

POLL RESULTS - 88% of the respondents chose the trade all vets for draft picks and young players if the team cannot turn it around. Thats pretty one sided in any democratic process. The next 6 games are the test. We all know what the team needs to do and that is win. If they can't then its no hold barred as to could and should be traded.



Anonymous said...

FYI... Toews and Kane had anther three points combined last night ...while poor Okposo is "languishing in your prison" known as Bridgeport!!!!!! By the way looks like Peter Mueller turned out to be a pretty good player under 99 ...another good job of drafting by the islanders ...way to pass him up because he was "to slow".guess i will just add him to the luongo oli list and be done with it!

FCT said...

Maybe you are not as big an Islander fan as you had seemed to be. We can go through every team in sports and bring up 50 players they "passed up".

Olli Jokinen was a joke while he was here. Roberto Luongo isnt half the netminder a lot of people think he is. If he were so awesome, Florida would never have traded him. I woul dhave had a .930 save percentage on that team and Luongo is proving this season that while he is good, he is a LOOONG way from Brodeur. To bad Luongo's skills arent as big as his wgo, or his jersey & equipment. The guy is a glorified french canadian Garth Snow. In short, Jokinen and Luongo were traded, not passd over in the draft.

By the way, I also think that Okposo should be let out of the box in Bridgeport so he does not have to spend any more time with the 5 members of the Asian Dawn.


Gary said...

I am not sure having Ken Morrow in charge of scouting prospects for all these years has been good for the team. Having said that, it in no way was meant as a character knock on Ken. We skipped over some good players to pick what we picked in his reign, so I am not too sure going with youth & draft picks is the way to go. The biggest example was DP with the first pick.

FCT said...

That was Milbury's brain child. He thought he was getting the next Jagr in Kvasha. As it turned out he got... Oleg Kvasha.