Friday, February 29, 2008

Its Trivia Time!! - Poll Results

Hello Islander fans. The Islanders averted disaster last night with a must have 2 points against the Thrashers. Big games are coming. The team sits 2 points out of 8th and 5 points out of 6th with 17 games to go, and very few of them are going to be easy with multiple games against the Rangers, Flyers and Penguins. We will begin to see how this all plays out Saturday in Philadelphia and then Sunday back home on yet another cup celebration day. All I have to say about this weekend is to say we need at a minimum of 3 points out of those games with 2 against the hated Rangers next week. The Islanders need 6 out of the next 8 points available in my humble opinion in order to remain a strong playoff candidate. To do this they cannot squander goals like they did last night. Poor goal tending and defense will absolutely kill this team and if I what I saw last night was the way the team will play its next 4 games, then its going to be a long month and a half.

OK.. formalities out of the way lets move to our newest Voice feature HOCKEY TRIVIA. I will try and keep the questions non stat related as to make some sort of a challenge, unless you do not have a computer....... But then how you would be reading this without one would be quite a feat to accomplish.

Ok here is this weeks trivia questions as it is a multi-parter as they all deal with the WHA-

1 - What year did the WHA form and what year did it cease operations?

2 - What WHA teams were absorbed into the NHL?

3 - What franchise was the last WHA Champion?

Please try and avoid using the Internet to find your answers as that is.... CHEATING. Don't be a Belichek !!!!


The latest poll on the voice was quite simple. Either you believe the Islanders will make the playoffs or you do not. 60% of the respondents said Yes, and 40% said no. That's higher of a no then I would expect to see on an Islander site. Suffice to say the last 17 games should be interesting and exciting. I so want the team to make the playoffs to give one big FU to everyone who picked the team to finish 15th in the conference and 30th in the league. Lets hope it happens and gets the team and its coach some positive recognition. This weeks poll will center around the trade deadline deals and non deals the team made.

See you at the Coliseum.


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