Thursday, March 6, 2008

Absolutely Disgusted - Do you know Why?

Yes fans I am POed. In case you haven't guessed, its because of the 4-1 loss to the hated Rangers and their legion of blue stained zombie fans, who like I have said before just don't want to win. No no.. thats not good enough, they have to grind your face in it when they do win. But I am not particularly that angry over that, because its to be expected from them. No its not Ted Drury and Gomez Adams ridiculous contracts, no its not Steve Avery and his child like antics, its not Brendan Hanrahan for his seeming out of the blue and lustful love for the Rangers and him calling MSG "the greatest place to play" and taking less money to play for the team basically spitting in the face of all of Hockeytowns faithful as well as every fan in Hartford for what he did to that franchise. Its not their defenseman Malik Rose or the "future Norris trophy winner" Jordan Staal. Its not their goalie Henrik Holmqvist. Not even team captain Mick Jagr for skipping the pre game warm-ups. So what it is that has got me so angry if its not their fans or their players like Rachel Dawes and Steve Dubinsky? Its not even Dee and her mad-woman like love for a certain diminutive Toronto winger.

I'll tell you what it is... Its the Islanders. Its always the little things that get me. Its not the same as playing your heart out and just flat getting beaten. Its not being able to muster so much as a shot on net on any power play, and even a 5 on 3 power play. I don't even believe it to be so much the players fault when your power play quarterback with the 100 MPH shot gets dealt away. Its not the players fault that we have 3 borderline AHL defenseman in the lineup, and one we had to trade a draft pick for. No that gets squarely placed on Nolan and Snow. However it is the current players that Blew those leads in Atlanta and New York, and got a whole 3 shots on goal in the 3rd period, and not one serious scoring chance. The 3rd period was like watching your little puppy get mauled by the a rich persons Rottweiler. Yeah they try, but they never really had a chance. On top of all of that you have the rich person laughing his ass off at you when you pull your goalie allowing a gimme to Steve Avery. Its the little things people. They say don't sweat the little things.... whoever said that didn't watch that 3rd period tonight and didn't see the Rangers dominate a 3 on 5 situation.

In closing the Islanders season now hangs on Saturday's game with the Flyers and a 4 game road trip. They need 6 points out of 8, anything less and they have got some serious problems... beyond what we saw tonight.



7th Woman said...

yep. we're all disgusted. I guess I won't have to worry about my daughter's travel softball schedule this spring. I'll have plenty of time on my hands.

Jim McGlynn said...

Hey man. Enjoyed the post. You had me really guessing about what had you so riled up. For me, it was the sum of all of the parts.