Monday, March 10, 2008

Stick a Fork in Em... They are DONE.

This is a post I was not looking forward to making but given the team's dire predicament right now being 7 points out of a spot and 3 teams in front of them the playoff rush seems to have run out of gas. The Islanders making the playoffs at this point would be the equivalent of lightning striking twice and I'm sorry my friends but it just ain't gonna happen. If I am wrong feel free to write in and bash the hell out of me. DP is not playing well, the defense is decimated by injury, the power play is beyond anemic and now the penalty killing has gone MIA.

It is now time to get the kids in the organization some serious ice time and not the 4:30 they have been averaging as of late. We only have two more games before Okposo can come up and get his cup of coffee in the NHL. I know what the organization says that we will fight to keep the hope alive but the sad fact is this team just does not have the tools to get the job done. They need to play perfect to win and they have been less than perfect over the last couple of weeks. Its time to look forward and not look back and see what the kids in this organization can do a this level so they may evaluate the best course of action in the off season which hopefully will include a 7 year 60 million dollar contract for Marian Hossa.

POLL RESULTS - Fans were polled to gauge the job the team did on deadline day and the results are clear. 25% of the respondents chose the "Good" choice with 50% of the voters picking the "Bad" choice and still another 25% choosing the "Awful" option. This weeks poll will center on what the team should do in the off season.



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more FCT, with your entire article, it's what the NY Islander's need to do. Bring up the kids, and see what you have. But more than anything, "The Islander's Need To Sign Marian Hossa" in the off season, period. Go Islander's Mark

w0lfpack said...

I have to disagree w/ the respondents of your poll. Under the salary cap era, quick fixes are not the answer. The goal is to win the cup, not to improve enough to get ousted in the second round. If we were only one scorer away from contending that would make sense, but we lack multiple producing lines which means we lack more then one producing player. The money would be better well spent on retaining our own key parts, locking up the kids who will help us win the cup in 2-3 years and finding other young talent.

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FCT said...

Hi Wolfpack. While I happen to agree with you, I do think the team needs more scoring and that fact could not be more obvious than if it smacked us right in the face. I happen to think what the team lacks more than anything else is a true power play quarterback. You know.. a Danny Boyle, Sergei Gonchar, Andrei Markov, Sheldon Souray kind of defenseman who will be manning that point every time you have a power play. Compared to this type pf guy, goal scorers are adime a dozen. You can pick up any number of them every year in free agency.