Monday, March 17, 2008

The Good and the Bad Part IX - Kyle Okposo is Here

Yes fans its true.... The Good and the Bad is Back. Well fans it is time for Kyle Okposo to make his debut with the New York Islanders against the hated Leafs tomorrow night at the Coliseum. The Islanders now dead and buried as far as the playoffs go have chopped 50% off he price of all tickets for the game so get on out there is you have the time. Lets get right to the Good and the Bad as it pertains to the hottest Islander prospect not a goaltender to debut since Bryan Berard.

1 - The NHL is getting younger Its about time the Islanders followed suit - Everyone knew this would be the date Okposo debut because of the way his contract is structured. He plays 9 games and his 3 year deal starts next season. He starts 10 games and his 3 year deal starts right now. More and more forwards that cannot legally especially are starting and sticking at the NHL level younger and younger. Look at the Penguins, Blackhawks, Oilers, Ducks, Coyotes etc etc. This may sound funny but aging veterans are a thing of the past. Pun intended.

2 - A Cup of Coffee before the real career begins - Any experience he can get on the ice with NHL players is a positive and ease his transition to the Islanders full time next season. Familiarizing himself with the speed and skill at this level will be a major positive to his game. The bottom line is if the kid is not ready to play at this level then he may never be.

3 - Maybe some people will came to see him play and geez.. help the offense? - We have heard his name since he was drafted. Okposo this, Okposo that he is the future he is the real deal he is the man. Maybe the lone fact that he will get to prove himself in this stint will get some people in the seats and inject a little life into a lifeless, starved for offense team.

1 - Confidence - He better be ready. If he cannot be the focal point of the offense it could hurt his game. If he is outclassed and not ready then the team is risking long term damage to their prized prospect.

2 - Its a cheap ploy to sell tickets. - No one is coming to the games for the rest of the season unless they are Ranger fans. Do not use the kid to try and sell tickets.

3 - Whats the point? The rest of the team is dead in the water and bringing him into it can only be a bad influence. This kid should only be around a team that is playing for something. The Islanders stopped playing meaningful games 2 weeks ago.

Let me know what points above you agree or disagree with. I will be at the game Tuesday to hopefully see KO run over Blake on route to scoring his 1st NHL goal.


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